Sunday, April 24, 2011

What do you see in the mirror?

We are all pretty much familiar with the 1999 Chuck Palahniuk's and David Fincher's (dir.) masterpiece called "Fight Club". Starring Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. Most often described by critics as: " intellectual and emotional ride through a man's psyche as he takes a strange path toward rebellion against consumer driven society" -Roger Ebert(movie critic). 

Taken that this is a pretty accurate description of the movie's "basic physics", in my mind, the book and the movie itself take a more important role of that which has been a topic of so many stories, novels and theater plays of the past; the essential fight of the caterpillar to become a butterfly in it's physical, and in human instance a mental fight against our own frame of mind.
Frame of mind or thinking, the societal "dog collar" placed on every and each one of us. Collar, and we can also call it a safe woven cocoon that grounds and dismisses almost every progressive thought and solution we might have in retrospect of our own lives and choices we make, in regards to anything and everything of real importance
Frame of thinking instilled onto us from the moment we start "understanding" the hierarchy of things that make up our immediate environment, to the moment of elucidation, the very metaphorical transformation of a caterpillar into a higher evolved being.

Fight Club is then really a form of a modern day extension of an age old questions of who am I and what am I doing here. Am I the sheep that follows blindly the same day by day imposed rhythm of life, or do I try to think outside of the box and realize true nature of "the beast" that we call existence?

What do you think reader, are you content with safe and blissful ignorance, or You yourself are also on a path of self improvement through reading, or watching intensely the road we seem to all be heading towards?
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